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Event Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather

 MSA’s inclement weather policy for make-ups, we give one (1) make-up day for each complete session program for Rain or Snow. Our participants can make up any other additional missed days at a clinic of their choice at any other clinic during the week or weekend. Please notify our office at 301-983-2227 of your intention to go to the another clinic location for your additional make-up session so our coaching staff can be prepared with their lesson plans.


Participant’s parents or guardian are require to call our office at 1:00 PM or after to fine out whether or not a clinic will be running on an inclement weather day. A cancellation notice will be posted on our website. If there is a weather cancellation, MSA will call the school and ask the school to make an announcement regarding the cancellation. MSA will send emails to the addresses given to our office for each student. It is the parents or guardian’s responsibility to call the school to make alternate arrangements for the child if a cancellation occurs.
If the weather become inclement after 1 PM, and the clinics have not been cancelled, MSA will send a coach to the school to be with the children until parents or guardians pick up their child.
MSA does not make any individual phone call to parents.


 Parent’s/Guardians please call MSA at 301-983-2227 about 60-90 minutes prior to schedule start time to check if the class will be cancelled or not. Information on cancellation will be posted on our website under “Cancellations”.


The Organizers and their representatives are not responsible for any injury or damage that may occur during classes or camps.  Parents and guardian are responsible for the medical bills related their children injuries.



MSA will charge non-refundable change fee of $25 for the classes to exchange or cancel a session.


MSA will charge non-refundable change fee of $35 per camp week to exchange or cancel camps 

Refund Policy

For Clinics: No refund, only credit will be issued toward future MSA clinics, camps or activities. Our credit certificate is good for 24 months or two (2) years.

For Camps: No refund, only a credit will be issued towards future MSA camp weeks in the same season if you cancel at least 7 days before camp session start date. No credit will be issued if you cancel less than 7 days before camp session start date. No exception for cancellation due to medical or any other reason.

For summer pass: No refund and no credit for any unused portion.


Enrollment Notification

MSA will notify the parents via a valid e-mail address before the start of each class. Parents/Guardians are required to give MSA a valid email address. If a parent or Guardian wishes not to give MSA a valid email, then they must call MSA to receive confirmation. Sometimes, emails go to the trash mail, so please check your email trash to see if your confirmation is there.

Event Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather

 Event Cancellation will be posted on our “Cancellation” page of our website. MSA will also place an announcement on our answering machine at 301-983-2227. During School Days, MSA will make a decision by 1:00 PM of the class date. Parents/Guardians are required to call our office number at 301-983-2227 to see whether or not there will be a cancellation. MSA will call your child’s school to have the school announce the cancellation over the loudspeaker of the school. It is the parent’s responsibility to make alternate arrangements for the child if a cancellation occurs.

In the event MSA does not cancel the program by 1:00 PM, and inclement weather occurs after that hour, MSA will send a coach to the school, to make sure each and every child is taken care of until the child is picked up by a parent or guardian.

Pickup Policies for Children at Clinics or Camps

If a child is picked up by anyone other than their parent/parents or guardian/guardians, a note is required for that child to be released to any other party other than the party specified. Indentification must be given to the person in charge in order for that child to be released. Parents arriving after class time are late. Late Fees of $1 will be charged for each minute after the class time.  Please pay late fee to the coach/instructor that is waiting with your child.